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Axial Fans

No.710 Belt Driven Axial FansThe standard range comprises:

  • Belt Driven Axial Fans
  • Long Cased, Direct Driven Axial Fans  
  • Short Cased, Direct Driven Axial Fans  
  • Smoke Extract Fans  
  • Normal Temperature Bifurcated Fans  
  • High Temperature Bifurcated Fans  
  • Belt Driven Bifurcated Fans (with Twin Motors)

General specification for all axial fans

Casings - Fully welded, mild steel construction, with pre-punched flanges. As an alternative we can supply stainless steel and PVC.

Impellers - Adjustable pitch blade mounted in a aluminium hub.  Blades can be manufactured in Poly Propylene (max temp 60'C), Glass Reinforced Nylon (max temp 150'C) and Aluminium (max temp 250'C). We can also supply fixed pitch mild steel & stainless steel impellers.

Motors - A wide range of motors are available, three phase, single phase, hazardous area etc, all conforming to modern European standards.

Finish - As a standard, cases are de-greased, primed and finished with a top quality paint. As an alternative, casings can be galvanized or epoxy coated.

Ancillaries - A full range is available for all fan sizes, these include matching flanges, mounting feet, anti vibration mounts, flexible connections, guards, silencers and starters.

Fans for special applications

As well as the standard range of axial fans, Fan Engineering also manufactures special purpose fans, such as:

  • Hazardous area (ExN, EExD, EExE etc.)  
  • Emergency smoke extract (up to 400'C)  
  • Two stage, contra rotating  
  • Run & standby sets  
  • Two speed motors  

Ancillary equipment

A full range of ancillaries are available, these include:

  • Mounting feet  
  • Anti vibration mounts  
  • Mating flanges  
  • Flexible connections  
  • Bird mesh guards  
  • Starters  
  • Silencers