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Multivane Forward Curved Fans

No.920 Multivane Fans to arrangement 4Multivane forward curved fans are designed primarily for heating & ventilating applications. They handle clean air, have medium peak efficiency and an overloading power characteristic.  

We manufacture a range of standard diameters from 150 mm to 1220 mm, with this range we can develop volumes up to 85000 M3/Hr (50000 CFM) and static pressures up to 1000 Pa (4"swg).

Key Benefits

  • Medium efficiency
  • Handle clean air
  • Wide range of fan arrangements
  • Mild steel, stainless steel or PVC construction
  • Temperatures up to 650'C
  • Wide range of anti corrosive finishes available

Fan Arrangements

  • Arrangement 1, bare shaft
  • Arrangement 3H, direct drive - pedestal mounted
  • Arrangement 3V, direct drive - inlet flange mounted
  • Arrangement 4, belt driven - fan & motor on common baseframe
  • Arrangement 9, belt driven - motor mounted on fan pedestal
  • Plug mounted
  • DIDW fan sets