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High Pressure Blower Fans

HP Blower To Arrangement 3HP Blower fans are designed to handle low volumes against high pressures. They handle clean air, have medium  peak efficiency, and an overloading power characteristic.

We manufacture a range of standard diameters from 480 mm to 760 mm and with this range we can develop volumes up to 6000 M3/Hr (3500 CFM) and pressures up to 12500 Pa (50"swg)

Key Benefits

  • Typical applications include combustion air supply, air knives and pneumatic conveying etc.
  • Wide range of fan arrangements
  • Mild steel & stainless steel construction available
  • A range of anti corrosive finishes available

Fan Arrangements

  • Arrangement 1, bare shaft
  • Arrangement 3H, direct drive - pedestal mounted
  • Arrangement 3V, direct drive - inlet flange mounted
  • Arrangement 4, belt driven - fan & motor on common baseframe
  • Arrangement 9, belt driven - motor mounted on fan pedestal